Valentine's Serenades Gifts

What a beautiful month, the month of February is. A month dedicated to the season of true love. The best part about Valentines Day is that it is a grand finale for all those days dedicated to the purpose of love & caring. It is actually a fortnight suitable to be adorned with Valentine serenades.

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2 Day Lovely Serenade

Surprise them on the lovely week of love with hints of natural beauty wrapped elegantly and a teddy ..

Rs. 2,749.00

2 Day Serenade

A perfect way to gift something different this Valentine's week, send them heart full of gifts and s..

Rs. 2,149.00

2 Days A Heartful Of Love VL

Your gift contains Day 1: Bunch of 12 pink roses, 2 cadbury silk chocolates and 6 inches teddy bearD..

Rs. 2,699.00

2 Days- Magnificent Celebration

Day 1. Bunch of 10 Pink Roses. (Dely on 13 th Feb)Day 2. Bunch of 20 Red Roses for your sweet heart...

Rs. 1,699.00

3 Day Love Surprise V

Pamper your sweetheart with this straight-from-the-heart 3-Day Serenade product, it consists of: 12t..

Rs. 5,899.00

3 Days Love At First Sight VL

Start your Valentine's Day by sending flowers of different colors, they symbolize the course of your..

Rs. 2,749.00

3 Days Love Note VL

Your Gift contains: Day 1: Bunch of 10 red roses and greeting card.Day 2: Bunch of 12 mix color rose..

Rs. 3,349.00

3 Days Of Love

It is a love overdose for all the three days for your valentine. Give the love of your life somethin..

Rs. 3,149.00

3 Days Valentine - Love You Everyday VL

Day 1. Bunch of 12 Red Roses + Valentine message card Day 2. Bunch of 6 Roses + 1/2 kg chocolat..

Rs. 2,699.00

4 Day Serenade

Showcase your love with hints of colorful hues with specially curated FlowerAura 4 day serenades! Th..

Rs. 2,149.00

4 Day Serenades Surprise V

Love is in the air! Make sure you put your best foot forward in surprising your Valentine. Nothing c..

Rs. 5,149.00

4 Days Love Actually VL

Love is sweet and let the sweetness be felt this Valentine's day. Let your Valentine feel that you l..

Rs. 3,799.00

5 Day Serenade

Day 1 - Bunch of 12 White Roses Day 2 - Bunch of 12 Yellow Roses Day 3 - Bu..

Rs. 3,563.00

6 Days Six Days Love

Valentine party hamper includes:DAY-1:Five stems of orchids arrange in a bunch with green fillers wi..

Rs. 6,299.00

Special Valentine Week V

All that you are is all that I'll ever need. The season of love and togetherness is here and here's ..

Rs. 5,399.00