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Soft toys are a favorite of kids. The simplicity, the pleasant presence of soft toys and their adorable look make them a favorite of everyone irrespective of age group and gender. Soft toys are safe, friendly and cute. They are ideal to gift everyone, especially little kids and  girls as well.

Soft toys are also a good and adaptable source of learning for kids as they are available in lot of different types of shapes and sizes.

They are also an option for teaching them emotional and social values. The way children behave with their toys is the way that they will behave in society. Soft toys come in the shape of sparrows, baby elephants, puppies, kittens, baby giraffes, baby octopus, baby dinosaurs, cubs and figures of aquatic animals. Soft toys encourage kids to be animal friendly.  

Soft toys are safe to play with and they are pretty gifts for everyone.

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Pink Smiling Doll Stuffed Soft Toy Love Girl 36 cm

The smiling face of this doll is sure to reflect on your children's faces as well. Children can also..


Dora Soft Doll Stuffed Soft Plush Toy -16%

Dora Soft Doll Stuffed Soft Plush Toy

Light weighted, attractive, colorful, vibrant, soft and easy to carry.Creates a special memory with ..

Rs.1,073.00 Rs.899.00

I Love You Balloon Heart Teddy Pink 18 cm

Delight your little ones this year by presenting them with an adorable soft toy. This soft toy into ..


Kissing Couple On Boat -46%

Kissing Couple On Boat

Delight your loved ones this year by presenting them with an adorable soft toy. This soft toy into t..

Rs.1,299.00 Rs.699.00

Sheep Pencil Pouch 27cm -20%

Sheep Pencil Pouch 27cm

Light Weighted, Attractive, Colorful, Vibrant, Soft And Easy To Carry.Creates A Special Memory With ..

Rs.873.00 Rs.699.00

Heart-Eyes Smiley Emoticon Soft Toy

An adorable soft cool dude smiley cushion - 35 cm. Delight your little ones/lover this year by prese..


Pink Bear with Bow Soft Toy 50 Cms

Non-toxic and soft fabricSoft and Cuddly fillingHuggable and loveable for someone specialSize: 50 cm..


Blue Hanging Poodle Dog 16 cm -17%

Blue Hanging Poodle Dog 16 cm

It is a plush small hanging pouch made up of small and soft fur that gives us a glimpse of a chimpan..

Rs.478.00 Rs.399.00

Soft COOL Dude Smiley Cushion

An adorable Soft COOL Dude Smiley Cushion - 35 cm . Delight your little ones/Lover this year by pres..


Yellow Duck Tweety Bird Soft Toy -10%

Yellow Duck Tweety Bird Soft Toy

Aborable and vibrant Colors soft stuffed toysCrafted with environment friendly materialDecorative Pi..

Rs.999.00 Rs.899.00

Stuffed Soft Toy Football For Kids 20 cms

Soft Balls fascinating objects made from a high quality materials and used by different age groups r..


Hello Kitty Cushion White & Pink (35x35cm)

After a big day, go home and relax on this plush Hello Kitty cushion. She works best on the bed, sof..


Green Tortoise Stuffed Soft Plush Toy

This cuddly toy is in vibrant and striking colour that will attract the attention of everyone. This ..


Pink & Cuddly

For you here is a cute, loving and adorable pink Teddy Bear of 35 cm to impress your dearest one on ..


Laughing Tears Smiley Cushion

An adorable Laughing Tears smiley cushion. Delight your little ones this year by presenting them wit..