Father - The Guiding Force Behind You

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He has always remained a part of you! Whether helping you out in your school homework or projects, solving your complex math’s problems, he has always remained a constant companion of you. Whether it was becoming your partner while enjoying video games or to play your favorite sport with you, he is the one who has taught you to read and write and teach you to deal with every good and bad if life. He is the one who understand each and everything of yours, when you were not able to express yourself clearly. Father is the one who supports your family and has always been the pillar of strength in the family.

He is the one who has always motivated you when you fail in life. And many a times you didn’t like him for being angry on you. But we don’t notice the love and care behind that ruthlessness. He is the one who always guided you towards the right path in life, he is the one who face challenges with courage but never utter a word. The list can be endless, which proves that fathers are also great in their own way but we forget to give them their due credit for each and everything they do for us by sending gifts to dad in India.

You will definitely agree with me that dad is the coolest friend we have. This father’s day celebrate fatherhood and show gratitude to the man you consider as your idol. Send best gifts to father by spending some time with him and tell him how much you love him for being so caring, loving and enthusiastic. Tell him how much you love him for the patience he shown while listening to your endless queries and answer each and every one of them politely. Thank him for his unconditional love for you and tell him you are blessed to have him as his dad. No matter how old you grow, how successful you become, he will always be the first one to protect you and be there for you, so, pray that God will bless him with good health and happiness.


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