Gifting Ideas on Karva Chauth

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Karva Chauth, is one of the toughest fast and is always looked forward and is welcomed by married woman with great enthusiasm. The festival gives every married woman an opportunity to wish for the long life, well being and prosperity of her husband.


The name Karwa Chauth is formed of two words ‘Karwa’ and ‘Chauth’, where Karwa means earthen pot and Chauth means four. The earthen pot with a spout – a symbol of peace and prosperity and four signifies the day as it falls on the fourth day of Kartik month in Hindu calendar. Also the festival coincides with Diwali celebration, and comes nine days after Karwa Chauth every year.


Though, the celebrations are concentrated to the Northern and Western part of the country in Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat, the festival is known all over the country for its religious values and cause.


Gifts play a very important role in Karwa Chauth as it helps in making the celebrations a remarkable one. Thus, women observing a fast for the well-being of their husbands are rewarded with gifts by their husbands, mothers-in-law and other relatives.


Now that Karva Chauth is approaching, husbands are facing the pressure of what gifts should they give to their wives? Along with sarees and jewelry, Karwa chauth pooja thali we have listed some unique gifts ideas for husbands to give to their beloved wives and pamper them on this special occasion.


Sargi and Baya: The festival is started with Sargi and Baya, which is the most significant gift as without them the festival is incomplete. The Mother-in-laws gifts the ‘sargi’ to their daughter-in-laws, which is a collection of sumptuous food that consists of various types of sweetmeats and sometime clothes. Then in the afternoon, mothers of newlywed girls gift ‘Baya’ to the parents of their son-in-law, which has almost has the same items as Sargi.


Spa and salon vouchers: After the daylong fast for Karwa Chauth your wife has all the right to pamper herself with beauty treatments and luxurious spa therapies in the best salons. There are a lot of gift vouchers available that are valid for a year or two to make your wife more beautiful.


Medical insurance: One of the best karwa chauth gift ideas is to but your loved one a medical insurance, which is a lifetime gift. This will also ensure a timely and effective treatment at the time of any medical emergencies.


Fitness products: Today every woman wants to stay fit but due to the lack of time it is difficult to head to the gym. You can gift her treadmill or exercise cycle or give a gym membership which will compel her to visit and stay in shape.


Tatoo: Although it may sound a bit filmy but an amazing way to show your love to your wife. Get her name tattooed on any part of your body and see her priceless reaction.


Renovate Wedding Album: If you are a married for quite a sometime and you have gifted every possible thing, starting from expensive jewelry to foreign tours, give an emotional touch to the gift this time. Take your old wedding album and renovate it and present it to your wife and get young again.

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